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Showing posts from May 15, 2010

Happenings Around Here

Well, another dog lost. :( This time it wasn't a car but something more sinister...a rattlesnake. She was bitten yesterday evening and lasted about 4 1/2 hours. Poor little Chi-Chi is only about 6 pounds or so and just couldn't take the venom. LadyBug seems to be taking it the hardest among the children. Our Bassett Hound, Daisy, and Chi-Chi are the best of friends and poor Daisy has spent the day looking for her. So sad.
The GuitarMan has finished his semester and is home now. I introduced him to Pilates this morning. We worked out together. Ha ha, now if that wasn't a sight I just don't know what would be! He has a new found admiration for it now though.
Afterwards I cut the FisherMan's hair outside under the plum tree while the children played in the pool. He asked if there was a way we could be any more redneck. I had plenty of ideas on that if he wanted but he didn't want to take part lol. Apparently it was a rhetorical question.
This week was one of appreci…