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Showing posts from September 24, 2009

You're Not Going To Believe This

Well, I don't know, if you've been reading here lately you just might believe it after all LOL. Our latest saga is my injury of all things.
Yesterday we had a death in the church and the family lives just down the road. So we went down there before church last night to check on them and just sit with them for a while. When we came down the back steps to leave I slipped on the last step and hurt my ankle. Oh, my did I ever hurt my ankle! I felt a popping, crunching sensation as it gave. Immediately I started feeling as though I was going to black out. From there the nausea set in. Oh, it was just awful, I just knew I had broken it. Between the pain, this horrible feeling of knowing I am too needed to be incapacitated right now, and just wondering how we are going to handle this latest hit, I was so upset! I don't usually let anyone see me fall apart but I did have my moment initially. Thank you, Peaceful Lives, for letting me literally borrow your shoulder. :)
We had to run…