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Showing posts from April 13, 2009

Jump On That Wheel and Hang On!

Well, my brain is running like a little hamster on a wheel. Do you know what I mean? It's so full of thoughts that I don't know what I even want to post about! So how about we just pretend you are here at the house and we'll sit down with a glass of sweet tea and just visit!

We had a lovely Easter with church family and friends. We got to see our 'daughter' for a good long while. She and I had a great visit and enjoyed eating our strawberry cupcakes and chatting at the kitchen table. :) This was the first Easter that The GuitarMan did not worship with us. He is playing lead guitar in a praise band at a church in another town. I am so proud of him and happy for him. He loves music so much and to see his talent blossoming and being used to glorify the Lord is awesome for me as a mom! Incidentally, the pastor and my husband went to college together and I taught his son in Pre-K.

Oh, let me brag for a minute! We asked The GuitarMan if his guitar professor had anything to…