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Showing posts from December 10, 2009

Back Now

Blogger has been giving me a little trouble lately so I haven't been able to post. It's straightened out now so here I am. Life has been full, even without blogging.
The little man's ear infection cleared up only to have the other ear start giving him problems. So he has been more clingy than normal and, if it were possible, even more finicky at mealtime!
Speaking of meals, the element on our oven shorted out the other night just as I was about to bake a pan of cornbread. My handy, dandy husband not only baked it outside on the grill but he also repaired the oven. It was only a matter of days without it but I was surprised to realize how often the oven is used. I had to rethink all of my meal plans.
When we were first married we rented a furnished little singlewide for a short time. It had no stove so I cooked everything using a crockpot, a waffle iron or an electric skillet! As a newlywed, I was just happy to "play house." I just did with what I had, bright oran…