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Showing posts from February 22, 2010

Ponderings and the Latest

Do your pets love you? I have a cat that has been with us for 15 years now. She loves us so much that she tries to run out the door any chance she gets lol. Well, yesterday she was successful and made it out the door. I tried to get her but she managed to stay two steps ahead of me, just out of reach, and finally slipped into the underbrush of the woods. I took a look at the thick leaves on the ground, thought of the mild temperatures we had the last couple of days, the critters, slithery in particular, and I thought, "Oh, well, Tinkerbell you are on your own!"

Later I went out and hollered, "kitty, kitty" like crazy but was met with nothing but the barking of the neighbor's dogs. Does anyone else feel a little foolish when having to do that? "Heeere Kitty Kitty!!!" at the top of your lungs. Silence. I felt so silly wandering around in the dark calling for this cat! One time our other cat went missing for almost a week and we kept doing that only to r…