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Showing posts from July 24, 2009

OK I Know I Speak Southern But Come On!

I would think after 25 years of marriage The FisherMan would understand anything I said. Apparently not! This afternoon we took a stroll with the children over to the church. As we walked along we got to talking about the different views on annointing with oil. Don't ask me how!
Now here is what I said. "So they are saying that the oil is nothing but doctoring."
Here is what he heard. "So they are saying that the oil is nothing but doctrine."
So began a series of misunderstanding similar to the whole "who's on first" fiasco!
"No they don't think it is sound doctrine!"
"Doctrine? No, no doctoring!"
" OH, doc-ter-ing! Ing! Ing!"
Oh, well at least I keep things interesting for him! :)

Involving Children In Household Work

Well, here it is...Friday! My days are all confused what with VBS and revival. It reminds me of the time my husband woke up and thought it was a work day. This was before we really knew each other but he told me about it later. It was back when he worked construction on the oil refineries. His day would begin very early. He was usually at the job site no later than 5 or 5:30 am. Anyway he woke up on this particular day and thought he was late. He flew around and got dressed and raced to the job site only to find it empty. It was Saturday. :) I can just imagine him arriving only to find all the huge parking areas empty!

I haven't done anything like that this week but I have had a very hard time keeping up with the children's new charts. We started it on the wrong day. Then I realized my confusion and changed it. Then I realized I was still confused and still had not put the correct day! I wound up filling it in and erasing it 3 times over two days!

I've revamped our routines …