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Good Times

Here I sit relaxing after a full weekend! I told you about our day Saturday. I thought you might like to see some pictures. Here is little LadyBug on a horse for the first time. The man helping her is the father of the friend having the birthday. Isn't she tiny?

Everyone tried to get the GuitarMan on a horse. He said, "No way, no how you will NEVER get me on a horse!" Well, everyone has a price I suppose. See, we all love that cowboy in the above picture and keep praying to see him come to the Lord. My son told him, "You come to church tomorrow and I'll ride." They shook hands on it. The GuitarMan rode the horse and Sunday morning we had a cowboy come to church! That is quite the example of creative thinking when inviting someone to church! Sunday we had an awesome service at church. There was a poem read in memory of a lady that died from cancer. Then her mother spoke briefly thanking the church for all that was done and telling how happy her daughter was t…