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Our Christmas Traditions

Well, I promised a friend I would blog about our Christmas traditions. It isn't anything fancy but here goes.

Worshiping Christ/ Loving Others

Obviously we want our children to understand exactly what Christmas is all about. So leading up to Christmas much of our Bible reading centers on His birth and the surrounding events. It is nice to center our homeschool time around it, too. There is always a program at church that we take part in so that gives the opportunity to talk about and reinforce spreading the gospel. For weeks prior to Christmas the children make special things (this year it was fans) and pack goodie baskets up. We go caroling to shut-ins or people that just need some encouragement and leave them a basket. We also carol at the nursing home. When we can find an Angel tree we also like to pick children's names that are the same ages as our children and get them presents.

Christmas Tree:

Long, long ago in a distant land: When we were first married we had a (used) 6 ft.…