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Showing posts from October 16, 2009

The Privilege of Worship

Lots going on today but Cornbread wanted a little rock-rock time so I thought I would pop on here for a quick post. Another late night but it was worth it. The GuitarMan is in the Male Chorale at his college and they had a concert last night. What a privilege to attend! We took the girls and my mom was sweet enough to keep the little guy. There's no way he could have gone to something like this. So without her help there would have been no way for us to attend.
Wow, they did a beautiful job of leading worship in song. We were able to tape some of it but loading videos on Blogger crashes my computer so I can't share. :( It hit me again that The GuitarMan was the same age as LadyBug the first time we took him to see the chorale. Now here he is singing in it. Pretty cool to see it come full circle. What you expose your children to matters!
It makes me sad to think how many people take those opportunities for worship for granted and miss out. They don't look at it as a privileg…