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Showing posts from December 17, 2008

Gone visitin'

The children were nestled all snug in their beds....finally! Wednesday nights around here tend to run late for the kiddos. FisherMan being the pastor means we are just about always the last to leave. Tonight was no exception but it was a nice night. Everyone likes to hang around after church and visit. Tonight the weather was pleasant instead of, oh.... frigid, so we could stand outside while the children ran around and screamed and played chase. The grownups talked and tried to stay upright as the little ones used us to hang on as they ran around. You know, the whole "you can't get me" game as they run around you.

When we got home the neighbor's dog showed up to visit, too. Wouldn't be a big thing but he got shot a few days ago! He had been staying up here for a couple of weeks and the children just loved him (i.e. parents were attached and blamed it on children's attachment) Well, he was out on his usual morning rounds of the neighborhood and we heard a shot…