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Showing posts from September 20, 2009

Sometimes There's Just No End in Sight

Do you ever notice that when things in life just keep hitting you over and over you just get plain tired? That's when you think, "What else could possibly happen?" "I don't think I could take anything else!" or something of that sort. That seems to be when old Satan himself shows up ready to help you answer those questions and try your patience even more. He will use any means to get to you and tear you down. It beats you down and discourages you even more. That is usually when the "Why me, Lord?" question arises.
But God is faithful! He uses life's circumstances to nudge us this way and that. We stretch and we grow. Sometimes we take one step forward and two steps back. But, still, He is there, seeing us through the bad times and using them for our good. Wow, it can be hard to figure out sometimes how any good could possibly come from some circumstances.
When attacks come from all sides and we feel alone, it is a reminder that feelings aren&#…