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Showing posts from July 17, 2009

Vbs is completed!

Whew! What a wonderful week it has been! I managed to lead the music successfully, thanks be to the Lord. It sure wasn't me! I loved the songs in this VBS. The lyrics were simply outstanding! The movements included a lot of dance and sign language. Sunday is Homecoming and we are going to do one of the songs "What We're Here For" during worship service. The choir will sing it while I do the movement.

Tomorrow is Clean Up Day, Sunday is Homecoming with Revival starting Sunday night. I am ready for revival! It will also be good for The FisherMan. You know, pastors don't get ministered TO very often. So it will be good to worship together.

This is short but I still have one child awake and tomorrow is fast approaching! Tonight was Family Night so they were really keyed up plus they all slept in this morning and had naps today. .....Mama didn't. :)