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Showing posts from April 3, 2009

My How Times Change

Well, the day is winding down and a lovely day it has been! The weather was beautiful. especially after all this rain. I opened the windows so we could air out the house. The children enjoyed being outside again although, surprise, surprise they needed a bath when we were ready to come in!

The FisherMan got out to do some visiting. Our little nursing home folks were not doing well. We have one man that fell and broke his hip. Two days later his wife fell and broke her hip and her shoulder! They are in very bad shape now. We need to all remember to be thankful for our health!

Tonight was so nice! We had a visit from my aunt and uncle. We haven't seen them in....well, I just do not remember when....way too long! I grew up going to their house and spending time there when I was out of school. This is the uncle that little Cornbread is named after. It's actually a duo my son is named for in that my cousin also shares the name. He is off at college so he could not be here. He's 6…