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My, it has really been a while! Where do I begin? Well, for one, we have moved to a different state. My husband accepted a different church pastorate back in January. While we are still in the South, it is a new time zone for us and that has been quite the challenge to adjust to. About the time we finally began to settle into it, the time changed occurred last Saturday so we are all mixed up yet again!

As for the family, other than a bout with flu a few weeks ago we are just fine. The GuitarMan is still in college and the move puts him a little further away. Throw in his job, male chorale tour and sports and it adds up to not seeing him nearly often enough! We saw him the last weekend of February and will see him again the end of March. His hand healed quite well and other than some minor "reminders" there are no signs of his injuries, at least at this point. You would most certainly not know it from seeing or hearing him play!

FlowerChild and LadyBug are growing like crazy. L…