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Showing posts from January 1, 2009

Happy New Year's Day!

The first day of the year has already come and gone. Did you eat your blackeye peas and greens with hamhock? I had mine! I checked that package 3 times just to be sure it said "ham hock" and I did not have some kind of counterfeit pig part! I also did not do any laundry today because the old saying is that you will wash your luck away. Which is why you eat blackeye peas. Or maybe it is that you will wash your money away. Which is why you eat the greens. Ah, well, I don't believe in luck and I don't have any money so it shouldn't matter! I think there is something about not sweeping, too. You know....maybe these are convenient stories those 'old wive' came up with to have at least one day a year where they did not have to do laundry or sweeping (brooming, as my girls say!) and the family would be happy to eat whatever they fixed!

There is also the saying that whatever you do on New Year's you will do all year. Well, in that case I can't complain as …