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Showing posts from October 24, 2009

Our Family and Halloween

I can't believe the house is still so quiet this morning! I am enjoying my Hills Bros. cappucino and doing a little blog hopping. In a little while, the little ones will start wandering into the living room with tousled hair, blankets and lovies. They'll ask to "watch shows." Then will come the task of finding something to watch that isn't all about Halloween.

We choose to not celebrate Halloween with our children. We never thought too much of it until (when GuitarMan was a baby) a man came to our church and did a fantastic seminar. This was a long time ago obviously but basically the gist of it was th evil in our society and how we unknowingly expose our children to it. He covered a lot of material. Part of his lectures dealt with Halloween. After that we have always felt convicted that we shouldn't take part in it. Now it covered way more than just this topic, but for this post, Halloween and our family is what I will talk about.
We don't dress up in cost…