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Showing posts from October 22, 2009

Stayin On the Go

Not much time this week for contemplating life and its ins and outs. Henceforth not a lot of blogging either.
I'm learning about this Facebook thing. It's been neat to find old friends and chat.
Tuesday The GuitarMan and the crew of regulars from the college came to the game. Afterwards we all headed over to Taco Bell. They surprised The FisherMan with a birthday cake loaded with 68 candles followed by a silly string attack in the parking lot. And, no, he isn't 68 years old. :)
The GuitarMan had therapy again today and it's going well. They hope to start strength therapy next week using putty.
Just tellin ya' what they said. :)
All joking aside, I think he will be able to start putting some pressure on it next week. Which means he may be able to start playing guitar with it, instead of just the other 3 fingers.
FlowerChild had her last soccer game of the season tonight. I think she might be a little sad. She so enjoys it. She is such a little sprite out there on the f…