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Showing posts from August 18, 2011

A Little Change'll Do Ya

Well, I have been sooooo busy this week! I've been going room by room cleaning out and rearranging. (Insert high sing-song voice) L-O-V-E it!! I wasn't able to rearrange much in our last house. While it was home and I loved it dearly, it was a case of get it in there and it fits only where it fits. So maybe that is why I even moved the piano this week...just because I can!

I joked on facebook that everything I am not sure about goes to the next room and by the time I get to the last room I will need energency crews to rescue me! But it's not really that bad. I basically am trying to be sure that I am surrounded by things that I love. I also want each room to "work"..ya know what I mean by that? I am applying the critical eye to each room and anything that doesn't feel right or causes problems or chaos, well, it's outa here. Oh, maybe not out of the house exactly, but moved around so that there is a calm peacefulness.

Sometimes just moving things from one…