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Showing posts from January 10, 2010

Such a Little Lady!

What a busy week it has been! Homeschooling, grocery shopping, dental appointments, football (Roll Tide!), you name it! We baked cupcakes and I let the children have a blast decorating them any way they pleased. In fact, I just enjoyed eating one!
Friday, the GuitarMan happened to mention that my cousin had a college basketball game on Saturday. He thought I already knew about it. Well, we got all the details and thus was put together an impromptu trip to the bigger city to watch him play. Saturday morning I did some laundry and cut The FisherMan's hair. After that I bathed the children and got them dressed. Imagine my delight when I emerged from the bathroom to find that my sweet husband had finished cooking lunch, fixed all the children's plates, and even packed the diaper bag! Oh, that man does know how to sweep me off my feet!
We had a great time and the game was a nailbiter with my cousin's team grabbing the win after going into overtime. The children enjoyed it. Flo…