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Showing posts from September 27, 2009

How's It Going?

I am still on crutches but I can tell there is a bit of improvement each day. I have been blessed with help. The FisherMan has been helping out with cooking. My mom was able to help out with laundry (although there is a never ending supply of that so it is never finished!LOL) and dishes. The GuitarMan's college friends came for FlowerChild's soccer game Thursday night. Usually we fill up the bleachers and afterwards I supply a picnic supper but this time I wasn't able to do it! I sat on the hillside instead in a portable chair and they all sat on the ground below me. They brought all the fixins' for a picnic supper so we did not have to do a thing. (FlowerChild had dozen people cheering for her!) Then 2 of his college friends, Z and another friend, came Friday afternoon and stayed until Saturday night. They got outside Friday with the children and played soccer and chase with them all over the yard. The children loved it. Saturday Z got outside and helped The FisherMan …