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All About Jesus

We had our last cottage prayer meeting last night. This week will be VBS and the next is revival. What a blessing! Last night's activities ranged from a devotional, prayer time, food and fellowship, lots of it :), Nascar racing, a child's birthday party, horseback riding, a bonfire, outstanding praise and worship music around said was just a great time all around. There were believers, non-believers and backsliders all present but most of all the Holy Spirit was there and He was working. Worship took place!

Some Christians think the only way He will show up is if everyone present is a believer and on the right track being "good". But God says when two or more are gathered! If you have people in your life who need a touch from God they are not going to receive it by you withdrawing from them. They have to see Him through you! You don't have to participate in sin in order to live out a testimony and share Christ's love with them.

There are many peop…