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Showing posts from August 9, 2009

Who Lives There?

Do you ever get curious about the homes you pass each day? Some are perfect and tidy with neatly trimmed bushes and freshly mowed grass. Others have gorgeous flowerbeds. Some are completely neglected and give an air of despair. It makes you wonder about the people who live there.
Take a look outside our house and it is pretty obvious that a family lives here. It has nothing to do with the type of house or the location. Yet there are some dead giveaways. The laundry flapping on the line is an assortment of guys basketball shorts, big and small, little girls dresses, and men's and women's clothing. Not to mention the big, fluffy sleeping bag with the sparkly butterflies and flowers on it!
Toys are strewn across the back yard and a slip-n-slide is draped across the bench under the plum tree, just waiting for some active children to spread it on the ground. Children's pool toys spill out around a big, blue mushroom pool. (The FisherMan says that's how you can tell it'…