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Showing posts from March 4, 2009

Exhaustion Isn't So Bad :)

Today was a better day than I thought it would be! I was sooooo tired and the thought of facing household chores and homeschooling just did not excite me. The house is a wreck since we have been gone so much lately.

But for my own peace of mind I try to focus on what I have accomplished rather than all there is to be done. This morning the girls enjoyed an episode of Wishbone on PBS. It's weird because The GuitarMan grew up watching it. They had never seen it before but with all these new PBS channels we now have with the converter box there are more shows to choose from. We got our homeschooling finished today and even did some extra manipulative work in Math and read an extra book in Reading. The little ones enjoyed playtime with the puppies this afternoon. I managed to get all the children's laundry washed, dried, and put away. Supper was tacos so that made for happy children. Then we went to church where I teach Mission Friends. We are learning about missionaries in Jackson…

Sad Prayer Request to Pass On

I received this email from a good friend and thought I would pass it on. It gave me chills to think how easily these things can happen! Pray for this family!

Please pray for some friends of ours-The Franklin Family. Their 16 month old daughter, Katherine, went to be with Jesus on Monday, March 2nd. Katherine had detached some decorative binding from her pillow while napping, and was found dead with it around her neck. The Franklin's currently live in Maryland and have three other young children. I can't even begin to fathom their loss. Thankfully they have a relationship with Jesus and are leaning on Him during this time for His comfort, peace and strength. Thank you for praying!

In the News

Well, it seems that 13 billion dollars from the American taxpayers simply wasn't enough for the poor GM company. They have now decided to extend their begging to include the EU. GM has asked the European Union for an additional 4 billion dollars. Now many people interested in end times prophecy think they need to watch the United Nations. But actually the EU is the one to pay attention to. It is bad enough that within the last 6 months everything has been put in place for the American government to be in control of finance, major industry. and health care but now it is being extended to include the EU!

Speaking of health care, the Obama's newest bill will take away health workers rights to deny participation in procedures that go against their religious beliefs. The Bush administration had signed legislation to protect health care workers from such persecution. But when this goes into affect, a doctor that does not believe in abortion will be forced to perform them or face jai…