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Well, it seems that 13 billion dollars from the American taxpayers simply wasn't enough for the poor GM company. They have now decided to extend their begging to include the EU. GM has asked the European Union for an additional 4 billion dollars. Now many people interested in end times prophecy think they need to watch the United Nations. But actually the EU is the one to pay attention to. It is bad enough that within the last 6 months everything has been put in place for the American government to be in control of finance, major industry. and health care but now it is being extended to include the EU!

Speaking of health care, the Obama's newest bill will take away health workers rights to deny participation in procedures that go against their religious beliefs. The Bush administration had signed legislation to protect health care workers from such persecution. But when this goes into affect, a doctor that does not believe in abortion will be forced to perform them or face jail. Lest you think this is only about abortion I want to remind you that this opens the door to things such as forced sterilization, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia and a host of other issues. With this bill, our tax dollars will go to the world's most liberal population organizations. Yes, your money will go to China to perform abortions and forced sterilization and eventually will usher it into our own country. When universal health care becomes a reality in the US, the government will be in the position to tell your doctor what treatments can or can not be provided to you. Obama did not feel qualified to state when he believed life begins but the government will suddenly be qualified to tell physicians how to treat their patients. But, don't worry....the government has it all under control. And yes, that statement does have a double meaning!


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But I don't want to!

I'm having an attitude problem. I'm looking around at what needs to be done. I have the desire for the work to be done but I have no desire to actually do the work! Therein lies the problem.
I think we could truthfully apply that to a lot of areas in our life.

We want our church to have "programs" but we don't want to actually work in them.

We want to be healthy but we don't want to work or sacrifice to get that way.

Same thing with weight...(don't even want to go there LOL!)

We want our children to behave, make good choices, etc but we are tired.

We want our homes to look nice but don't want to do housework, yardwork, work!

Ugh, so what to do, what to do? I'm telling myself the answer right now as I type.

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How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was very good. My oldest son was able to come home. We were afraid this might be the first Thanksgiving he wasn't with us but he was able to arrange his schedule to make it home. His band was away shooting a music video. What might have taken all week, they managed to do in one full day! He headed homeWednesday and stayed until Sunday.

My guys were able to do quite a lot of hunting over the holiday. They both love to fish and hunt. We've been very blessed that our last home and this one, there are several places for them to enjoy the outdoors. We love deer meat. It is healthy and really helps to stretch the budget. When prepared correctly you might even think it is beef!

The kids and I got a little creative with our vegetables on Thanksgiving day and created a fun centerpiece. My youngest named it Pluto. ;)

Since I had a smoked turkey and a brown sugar ham, we opted for sandwiches for lunch and ate our Thanksgiving Dinner for supper that night.…

Must have jinxed that...

So I said in my last post that so far the new recipes had been well received. Last night's meal...not so much. I should have known better than to say that  LOL! I liked it well enough and so did my youngest daughter. But the husband wasn't so fond of it. It was a Mediterranean recipe that had whole wheat rotini, grilled salmon, tomato, artichoke, olives and garlic. It also called for white wine but I used chicken broth instead. I think we are going to try it one more time with a few tweaks. Maybe a half box of noodles instead of a full box and add some canned tomatoes. I even thought about using quinoa instead of noodles since we all love it. I think extra artichokes and olives might be good, too. If that doesn't work, then this one will be discarded. It's funny but my husband hasn't been too crazy about any Mediterranean recipe I've ever tried through the years. When you look at the separate ingredients, he ought to love them. And the heart health aspect makes…