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The Season of Pregnancy (updated)

I know. I have been neglecting this blog. Horribly. That's not the only thing that has been thrown by the wayside lately! It is only for a season though. Pregnancy means you must be patient with yourself and accept that sometimes you must let things slide. That also means that you have to plan in order to conserve your energy. I know if I am going somewhere later today then I don't need to rush around and try to get a lot done in the morning. Priorities must be in order.

Although the morning sickness is better it isn't totally gone at this point. Whoever named it that anyway? The main thing I have been dealing with is fatigue. My blog shows it. My laundry shows it. My house shows it. Ack, everywhere shows it! I simply do not have the energy to do the bending up and down required to truly clean up, do laundry, and the vacuuming/sweeping etc. It's quite depressing actually!

So I do a little here, do a little there. I manage the necessities such as homeschooling, cooking, and doing laundry a little at a time...or when we run out of towels or clothing lol!

Today I am determined to make a dent in some of the clutter.

PROBLEM: a mess in every room!

STRATEGY: work in 15 - 20 minute increments with water breaks in between

Has it worked? Well, we shall see as the day goes on. I've been working in the girls' room and that really isn't a fair room to assess. It has been a wreck ever since The GuitarMan was home for Christmas! They do very well at cleaning up when the rules of one activity at a time are adhered to. But when everything gets pulled out they get overwhelmed and have no idea how to clean it up. So the mess has grown as the wait for Mama's intervention has endured, sigh. Hopefully I can finish it in the next little while though and some of the other rooms might not take as long. Although as I look around I see a lot of things that are on hold waiting for me!

I will update you! ;) In the meantime, it is time for lunch, then some Math.

Ok, end of the day and I told you I would check in and update how my efforts went (if anyone cares lol). Oh well it makes me feel better to see it written out! ;)

I didn't do everything I had hoped to do. But I finished the girls' room! I started on one side of the room and did little sections off and on all day. It feels good to have one room cleaned. I figure I will take a room at a time and work my way through the house. Maybe after that I will be ready to take on the closets lol.

Oh and I managed to do a couple of loads of laundry, cooked a nutritious lunch (blackened salmon fillet, cooked in olive oil, over a green salad with carrot sticks), cooked a not so nutritious supper (sloppy joes and tater tots lol), bathed all the children, and even got them to bed on time.

I started out the day with visions of order being restored throughout the house. I had to lower my expectations and be happy with a clean bedroom. The rest will come. If you are putting pressure on yourself today to be perfect in some area, whether it is housekeeping, homeschooling, weight, or career....step back and make sure you go slow, giving yourself time to do the job right. Then build upon it. You will reach your goal! God bless! :)


  1. Civilla,
    Thanks, I'm taking one step at a time! ;)

  2. I just found your blog through His Tender Mercies. I love your post today! Although I am not pregnant now, I sure do remember and know exactly what you are talking about. Yes, we must be so patient with ourselves during pregnancy. It does get better and the season passes. It's so worth it, isn't it? I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  3. Wifeandmom,
    First off, Welcome! Yes it is so worth the sacrifices we make. The time passes quickly! Thanks for visiting. Be blessed! :)

  4. I fully understand your feelings. Right know it is taking all I can do to get supper cooked after working all day. Love Ya, Hang in there we will make it together.

  5. I sigh for you :)

    It can be rough, but you have a good strategy and realizeing that just getting the necessietes done and saving your energy for the important stuff is ever so wise. Maybe one day I will learn it too :)

    Praying for you all. Will you find out if it is a boy or girl?

  6. Country Life Girl,
    I have been through it enough to give a little advice on the cooking at least. Try to cook in bigger batches. If you are browning beef, brown a whole pack and freeze in portions. Bake 2 chickens instead of one. And get the Country Boy to step in and grill!! Plan your meals for the week so you really can utilize those things and do more "heating up" at night instead of actual cooking.
    Your energy will pick up again when you reach the end of this first trimester. {{{hugs}}}
    I love you and appreciate you!

  7. Shana!!
    I miss you, girl! We need to get together (if we can keep our families well at the same time lol)
    Thanks so much for your prayers. Right now The FisherMan says he wants to find out and I'm thinking it would be fun to wait for a true surprise! If he REALLY wants to find out, we will. :)Chances are I will be the one with no willpower to wait, ha!

  8. Man I understand the house work for sure (and laundry). When I step back and look, I feel overwhelmed. Then I think, it will all be over soon enough. Will Chicken Little ever be old enough to help wash dishes? LOL ;o)
    I finally cleaned the bathroom on Saturday (a nice scubbing too) and a closet. Although I didn't get as much as I wanted completed, I felt accomplished with the tasks that were done.

  9. Mama Hen,
    When I think back to life with no children or even just one, I wonder why my house wasn't spotless! ;) But I will gladly take the mess or chaos over a perfectly quiet and EMPTY house! Take care and take it one job at a pregnant moms will catch up eventually!
    love ya, girl!

  10. When is your due date again ???

  11. I have to admit, the subject of this very post is what keeps me fearful of having more children. Morning sickness is so tough,and the aches and pains and tiredness. There just doesn't seem to be enough of you to go around.

  12. Just me,
    I know what you mean. I wonder how Michelle Duggar does it!! The time really does pass quickly. I can't believe I am already in my second trimester! While it does feel overwhelming at times it is so worth it!


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