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Showing posts from February 5, 2009

Joy in the Milky Way

Well, all my little chickadees went to sleep by 8:00 and stayed asleep! In my last post I mentioned catching up on my housework if they did that. Didn't do it. My husband had sermon prep to work on tonight after he went on visitation. So we sat comfortably together, him working over at the desk, me enjoying an ENTIRE chick flick, plus a Milky Way he brought me that I did not even have to hide while I ate it! It was awesome! .....sorry, but it makes me a bit giddy to think of!

Find joy in the small things in life. The big things don't come every day, in fact there are no promises of BIG things that are joyful. Choose to find something to be happy and positive about every day.

A few things I noticed today:

1. That Milky Way I mentioned.
2. The fact that hubby thought to get it for me just because he thought I might like one.
3. The curve of LadyBug's cheek and the twinkle in her eye when she laughed this afternoon.
4. Holding the FlowerChild and rocking her to sleep tonight.
5. Nur…

Make a Sign for the Door

Sick children in the house! Runny noses...coughing....sore their doctor said his father used to say when coming out of the church nursery when people brought their sick children...unclean!unclean!

My babies are just pitiful sick this week. They feel so bad and all they want is to be held or snuggle under their blankets and watch movies. Cornbread had a well baby checkup Tuesday (like when he was WELL) and at that point Ladybug was sick so I let the doctor check her out too. He gave us samples of some medicine that he is hoping will bring some relief. Now all my little ones are sick with it so I figure it is only a matter of time before the whole family has it.

My house is a wreck but I have that big pot of Pasta E Fagioli in the fridge so at least I am not worrying with cooking anything tonight. Maybe I can catch up a little on the housework if my cuties go to sleep later. At least if they actually sleep at the same time! Otherwise I will continue to snuggle under a pile of…