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Showing posts from January 14, 2009

Taming Shopping Day Chaos

Ok the kiddos are asleep and the Guitarman has gone to a late movie. The Fisherman is on the couch watching Man vs Food. If you haven't seen it I can sum it up in one word. Gluttony. But it is fun to watch when you just want to relax for a while and chill out.

So I promised you grocery tips today! Well, when I was first married I could just run to the grocery store (no Wal-Mart back then! Oh, my how did we ever survive?). I did not need a list because we would hit the meat counter first. We would just get whatever was on sale and then build our meals for the week off of that throughout the store. Well, now that there are way more than just us two and prices are so outrageous I have to be a bit more precise! Maybe you are a pro at getting through the store efficiently or maybe your approach needs a little polishing. Either way here is how we do it at our house. Maybe it can help you.

I always get a list together. The top half of the page is my menu for the week. For us that means Mon…

Life Around Here

Sorry for no posts for the last couple of days. The GuitarMan is off from school right now. Last week he was down in the Daytona, Florida area visiting with friends. He got back Monday night, much to the delight of his younger siblings (and his parents!) So the last couple of nights have been about catching up on some family time. Since I usually blog at night after the children are asleep that went by the wayside, but for an excellent reason! :o)

Last night we cooked chicken wings and onion rings for supper. (Ha, we are making rhyme books in our homeschool time...I just realized that rhymes!) We cooked them outside in the cold. Now I know some of my readers are in much colder weather but for us it is cold! It will be in the teens by tomorrow night. Brrr!

Well, I missed yesterday's chaos tip so I will give you a sneak peek. I'll be back on tonight and our tip will center on grocery shopping. For now, I have to run. The girls are having a game of Cootie at this moment, my little …