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Showing posts from July 23, 2009

Slowing Back Down

Well, tonight was the last night of revival. I have truly been blessed. Bro. Mickey was so encouraging to our family. He directed the church to get behind The FisherMan as their pastor and join together to accomplish great things for God. From the pulpit he reaffirmed my place as a wife and mother. He also took a genuine interest in The GuitarMan and his music. He and his wife homeschooled their 2 daughters throughout school. They had some extended family come for revival who also homeschool. So it was nice to "talk shop." I'm sure it was good for The Fisherman to also be able to "talk shop" with a fellow pastor this week. I can say it has been good to be in the house of the Lord! We have had an awesome time of worship and annointed preaching. Last night it was almost 11:00 pm before we got home. We had another man come to sing during the service. Then Bro. Mickey preached. Afterwards my boys quickly set up and treated us to what you could only say was a concer…