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Showing posts from February 12, 2010

Need Prayers

Yesterday I went to my regular doctor's appt. They could not find the baby's heartbeat. Ultrasound showed that for reasons that are simply unknown right now, the baby has died. If I do not deliver on my own by Monday, then I will be induced. We know that God has a purpose in every life, no matter how short.

Right now, there are a jumble of feelings. I'm sure the coming days will be no different. We went to my son and told him in person. He came on home as he wants to be here for all of us, particularly FlowerChild, as she leans on him so much. We haven't told the girls yet as we just aren't sure how to handle that at this point. Today in the South the snow is falling and they feel like it is Christmas. I would rather let them have that and watch their delight as they play. It's not important when they find out so much as it is that I find the right way to tell them. I will probably come at it from the direction of a premature birth or that the baby is sick. The…