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A Recommendation

This is a totally unsolicited, unpaid review.
Have you seen the reusable storage bags for sale that are supposed to keep your produce fresh longer? They are Debbie Meyer green bags and they run around $10 (for 20 bags) where I live. I had wondered for quite a while if they worked and how well. I finally took the plunge and bought some. Cornbread is very finicky but he will polish off a banana as will LadyBug so I was having trouble purchasing enough bananas for the week. We would either run out or they would go bad.
I decided to give these bags a try and I am so glad I did! They work very well on the bananas. You just need to be careful to reclose them and fold the bag under each time as the directions specify. Also, if you happen to remove one and return it later, expect it to quickly ripen.
We have also used them on fresh okra and fresh peppers. The bags have been excellent at keeping the produce from ripening and spoiling too quickly. So if you keep a lot of fruits and veggies arou…