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Showing posts from June 18, 2009

The Homeschool Hunt

Anyone who homeschools knows how it is to hunt for the perfect curriculum. You search and search. You read and read. You narrow it down. You decide on a particular curriculum. Then you change your mind. Then you start all over.

I have been trying to decide on curriculum for my girls. I am really interested in combining their studies as much as possible. Heart of Dakota looks like a good choice for that. I got my catalogue recently. It is a good sign when your 4 year old finds it and claims it as her own. She promptly grabbed a pencil and started marking all the books she liked the looks of. I love to read so I am looking forward to that. I also like that it calls for some curriculum that I already have. It gives you the freedom to choose some things on your own.

I am thinking of sticking with Horizons Math. FlowerChild seems to enjoy the faster pace. I am going to have to crack down a little on the drills however. She hates flashcards or pages of practice problems. So I have to get crea…

Happy Birthday to my FlowerChild

I can't believe you are already 7 years old. You bring such joy and sunshine to our lives! Whenever you are around there is always something happening. Music, laughter, dancing, LIFE just seem to radiate from you. The doctor was amazed when you were born because you did something many babies do not do. While your body was face down as most births are, your face was looking up at him when you emerged. That's my's only fitting because that is just your personality. You are always looking up! As we made the short drive home from the hospital a song was playing on the radio by Nicole C. Mullins "I Know My Redeemer Lives." Once again it was only fitting. When He gave me you it was a gift that proved His love. You were a miracle to us. You are a miracle to us. I can not imagine my life without you. Your Mama loves you!! Happy Birthday, my precious girl!