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An Addition To The Sidebar & Sad News(updated again)

I added a section for recipes to the sidebar. For now the only ones on there are recipes that I have already blogged about so if you are a regular visitor here you've seen them. They're old news! ; ) But at least now they are grouped together in one spot. I'll be adding to it as I can, too.

Also say a little prayer for our little stray-that-never-went-away Rosie as well as our children. She got hit by a car tonight. The guy that accidentally hit her goes to our church and he stopped to let me know. It was a freak thing. The FisherMan had to leave for the hospital ER tonight with a family from our church whose daughter had an accident. We had a church singing tonight. A friend brought us home so we wouldn't have to walk in the dark. (ironic since a few minutes later I was wandering around in the dark looking for her) Usually by the time we get home there is no one at the church. She got all excited when we got here and apparently headed for the church looking for my husb…

Just a Little Update

**If you are here because I have something for you, scroll down. :)

Thanks so much for praying for us! My little ones seem to be doing better. Cornbread's appetite has picked up some and I am so thankful! He had lost some weight when we went to the doctor. He's already so small there just isn't much on him to lose! FlowerChild is not having all the pain now so that is good.

We spent the day yesterday working around the house. I have had sick children for the past month and it showed! And we found out around midnight Friday night that we would be having overnight company coming in Saturday afternoon. So I had to get on the stick and move! It didn't have to be perfect but I was hoping for at least "welcoming!" Once I had the house in a little better order I headed outside where The FisherMan was at work in the garden. We got the whole thing weeded and fertilized. Wow, I can feel it this morning!

We fried fish outside for supper. Some friends of ours have a fish …