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Showing posts from January 22, 2009

Check That Label!

I have had the question posed "When do you find the time to blog?" Well, my usual time is late evening after the children go to bed. Unless Husband unknowingly gives them Dr. Pepper instead of the caffeine-free Root Beer he thought he picked up. In which case, children going to bed is pretty much unheard of and I just blog. :o) Obviously the baby went to bed on time. He's not quite ready for soda! (Although I once knew a woman who regularly put Mountain Dew in her baby's bottle. She had a 4.0 GPA but was a little slow in the parenting skills.) LadyBug finally gave it up at 10:00 PM. The FlowerChild is on the couch with her dolls rambling incoherently! Not really but she is a hoot when she gets going in her own little world with them!

My day was busy as usual. We got in quite a bit of homeschooling today with extra lessons in Math and Reading. So maybe the breakfast is helping! I got some daily cleaning done. Considered doing laundry but decided tomorrow would be a mu…

Meet the Extended Family

Meet Jack. He is our sweet elderly black lab and the FisherMan's devoted companion. We have had him since the day someone dropped him off on our dirt road when he was just a little bitty adorable puppy. That was back when The GuitarMan was still little and adorable (yes, you are still adorable but not so little :o) So we could not resist that cute little furball or our son's pleas of "Can we keep him?"

Jack has had a rough week. He injured his foot somehow and has been in a lot of pain with it. Good thing he has all of us to cater to him and spoil him until he felt better! We have given him pain medicine, wrapped his leg in a heating pad, and he has slept with the girls under the covers, no less all week.

Think that is something? You should have seen us in the Spring when his leg was broken and casted after he was run over (he was asleep under the vehicle, which is something he has never done!). The vet wasn't so sure that he would make it at his age. I was big, f…