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Showing posts from April 15, 2009

Work Together, Play Together, Eat Together

We spent a good portion of the day outside yesterday. I could tell it was going to be one of those days that FlowerChild would need some extra movement!

So we started our outside portion of the day by cleaning up the mess a pack of wild dogs made when they got in our trash. It was scattered throughout the yard just everywhere! There was no need in the FisherMan having to face that when he came home. We made short work of it by seeing whose bag would fill up first. (FlowerChild's idea, not Mama being sneaky, I promise!)

Then we played soccer. It was a good way to emphasize family works together and plays together. It was also a fantastic way to show me just how out of shape I am! Oh, my word, my legs got heavier and heavier as we went! I totally concur with would be fine but why can't they walk? Just an ambling little shuffle up and down the field? Perhaps stopping along the way to examine a dandelion or two?

Later on in the afternoon the girls played in the littl…