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It's Not Lemonade Until You Sweeten It

My oldest son loves it when I make homemade lemonade. I add some extras that are not necessarily needed to make it good but just put it over into the extra special. It's really sweet and gets stronger the longer the ingredients mix.

My lemonade is not unlike a marriage.

I start out with the basics, lemons and water. In marriage you begin with an ordinary man and an ordinary woman.

But it doesn't become lemonade until you add the sugar. In marriage this is the love! To become more than just separate ordinary people, you must mix in love. However, just a romantic love won't be enough sugar to overcome the sourness of the human spirit or the blandness of a self centered person coming into marriage. The love must be grounded in friendship and self sacrifice.

The idea that you must fight to not "lose your identity" is one that the enemy has planted in order to destroy. Before you jump to a conclusion I am not drawing, let me explain what I mean by that. :)
I am not …