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Showing posts from January 28, 2009

Squeezing in the To-do list

My little FlowerChild wasn't up to par today. She obviously felt bad but the only thing that was for sure was a toothache so it made me suspect sinus pressure. She stayed very sleepy and was so emotional! I hope she isn't getting sick! But that is one thing that is nice about homeschooling. Instead of losing a day of school we can just go to a lighter schedule when she isn't feeling well. So today we did some reading aloud (Little House in the Big Woods), some copywork to practice on handwriting, and reviewed her math orally. In between we watched a lot of PBS and rocked in the recliner! :) I let her have a bubble bath late this afternoon and that seemed to make her feel a little better. I wasn't going to take her to church tonight but she begged so that I finally gave in. By the time we went she was playing and running as though nothing had ever been wrong! She also knew that if I saw the slightest hint that she still felt lousy I would not have allowed her to go! Tha…

Travel Tip

Do any of you have children that like to pack the house when you go somewhere? You can try the whole "just one toy" trick and go round and round about that. (or have them puff up and whine because they could not take all their favorites). Or you can try to ignore it and wind up with a floorboard that looks like a toybox. Or you could do this. Get them a backpack or bag that they really love. You might even like to buy a plain one and allow them to decorate it themselves. Whatever will fit in the bag can go. (as long as it is something you have previously decided was ok to leave the house) You might even allow them to pack a snack or water bottle, too. Everyone carries their own bag. This helps us when we go places. Being in the country means everything is a trip, even just running up to the library or dollar store. So this makes for happy children and happy parents. It makes it much easier now to keep the car clean. If you just do a quick check of their bag as you get ready …