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Urgent Prayer Request

We were invited to eat lunch with a family from church today. So we had a great meal followed by relaxed conversation. Some other folks came in while we were there. It was the husband (Lucas) and the father of our children's SS teacher. They were still there when we left. Everyone rested for a while when we got home. Then about 15 minutes before church we got a call. Lucas had been hurt and they were waiting for an ambulance.
He and his father-in-law were at a pond and there was a rope. The way I understand it Lucas was swinging on it and hit the water in such a way that he was badly injured. In fact, had his father-in-law not been there to get him out he would have drowned. It was reported earlier that he had broken his right arm and had possibly broken his neck. Cat scan results show no broken bones in his neck but he is experiencing severe swelling in his neck around his spinal cord and up into his head. The FisherMan just called a few minutes ago and he is now being transpor…