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Need Your Opinions, Please

I think I had mentioned the other day that I took Cornbread to the doctor for fever. That was the only definite symptom he had other than little abnormal tummy issues. He has run fever for 4 days and has just felt so bad. Irritable, no appetite at all. He was just pitiful.
At first (Thursday) the fever was low grade so since he was cutting a tooth I attributed it to that. But then it went to 102 Friday morning so I went ahead and scheduled an appt. The doctor we saw was not our usual doctor but she checked him for flu (negative). So she said it was a stomach virus. I wasn't so sure about that.
Well, I think I have diagnosed him now. I am pretty sure it is Roseola. His fever broke today and then he broke out in a mild rash. Hopefully it will stay mild! As soon as the rash started to spread he started to feel better. He ate supper and has been running around playing and talking. He is even asking for Daddy now, too. He will be home from church soon and will be glad to see his litt…