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Showing posts from October 18, 2009

No Small Jobs

Elisabeth Elliot said, "Sometimes obedience means the willingness to do the useless thing in order that God may do the great thing."
I read this quote this morning and even though I really should be dressing for church I felt an urge to share my thoughts with you in the hopes that it might encourage someone today. Sometimes the things God calls us to do seem useless or small. Sometimes it feels as though we are endlessly banging our heads against a wall and only getting a headache for our reward. It is only when we acknowledge our Creator and His work in us and through us that we realize He has purpose in everything! But when we get too full of ourselves we usually start to whine because there may be no instant results. There may not be the level of appreciation we hope for. It is at this point that we shift our focus from others to ourselves. From God's will to our wishes. We begin to perceive the smallest slight or disappointment as major cause for our feelings. We may …