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When you were a kid, did you like to explore the woods? Wow, I sure did. We used to go up to the lake every weekend. In the summer there was boating, sunbathing and swimming. (Funny thing is even though I grew up going to the lake I'm not a water person. I like being there but I would rather stay dry LOL) In the winter the water would be way down where they would drop the water levels from the dam. When I was little I would "cook" using the mud and sand along the shore. Red clay made the "pizza" and the white sand was "sugar". When I got older I loved to walk the shoreline and explore the little natural creeks around our slough. It was so relaxing to me to disappear among the trees.
The lake was still the lake no matter the season. But people's perceptions of it were different depending on what it could offer them at a given time of year. It had so many different facets and characteristics. Some were loved by all and some were under-appreciated.