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Showing posts from October 19, 2011

Autumn Fun

Well, I promised to share some fall pictures as well so I thought I would show you some pictures I took when we took a recent trip to the river. Well, trip probably isn't the right word because this is only a few minutes from my door but here goes. :)

The water was low but still it was beautiful because you could see all the river rocks.

We hiked along the riverbank...

....and found a few blooms hanging on.

Little LadyBug spotted the sunlight hitting the tree above us just right to catch this shot.

The children observed everything closely....

They even managed to learn something new!

Yes, that is indeed a porta potty. They had never seen one (well, that they remembered anyway!) and wanted to peek inside LOL. Chalk it up to life experience LOL

It was a beautiful day spent together. What treasures are you passing by that would be a fun time for your family?