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Showing posts from November 29, 2008

Defining Peaceful Chaos

So, what exactly is peacefully chaotic? It's typing those words and having the baby wake up crying at that moment! It's then holding that little one close as he nurses back to sleep contented just to be near you.
I am constantly surrounded by noise. In a few hours it will be the little guy's coos as he awakes with a smile, aways a smile! My little girls' laughter as they greet the day, the shower's starts and stops as the family gets ready to worship. The calls to "hurry or we'll be late" will begin and become more frantic. "Where's my other shoe?" "Brush your teeth!" But for right now it is the low murmur of the football game on TV that my teenage son left on, the rain pouring off my roof outside the window, the little guy's sweet rythmic breathing, my husband's snore in the other room... the sounds of family. Happiness. Safety. Love.
This is the chaos where you find your peace. This is the peacefully chaotic life God h…