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Showing posts from May 3, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Rain is pouring outside this morning. Peaceful now but I'm not looking forward to doing errands in it! But I am thankful that it turned out to be a nice weekend. We celebrated Cornbread's birthday Saturday. We originally had plans on doing it at the zoo. We thought it might be a good location to enable us to invite some folks who aren't really able to come this far. While it would mean a trip for those who live here, we also thought it would be a fun day for all the kids.
Then we got the soccer schedule and had to regroup. It was not an easy feat! We tried to plan around games, GuitarMan's schedule, friend's work schedules...there was no choice but to do it Saturday night. That cut out inviting anyone from any distance. They kept talking rain and we thought, "Oh, my what will we do with a housefull of folks in the rain?" But we took the plunge and did it anyway and it turned out to be such a pleasant time.
Soccer took up the morning and we followed that w…