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Showing posts from April 25, 2009

Thank Him for the Delays in Life

Home! It feels so good to be here! It's been good day and a good evening but a tiring time overall. let me tell you about it.

We took the children fishing this morning. They had a blast! I will share pictures on both blogs when I get them off the camera. We were all hot and tired when we made it home.

After a shower we headed to the big city to do a little birthday shopping for Cornbread. Now when I say "a little" I meant that we would get it all done but not go overboard. So I had several places I wanted to go. Ya'll. Let me tell you. I went to one store. One! It was Toys R Us. I found a few toys I liked. Then we just browsed a few minutes.

Well, we've been on the lookout for a playhouse of some kind for the girls. This store had a Victorian playhouse that blows up and has the the little motorized pump attached (like the big waterslides and ballpits you can rent). It was on clearance cheap cheap! FlowerChild's birthday is coming up in June. So we bou…