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The Woes of Grocery Shopping

Stocking a pantry, filling a freezer or sounds like such a simple, neat little job, doesn't it? I remember when we were first married, it really was! $40 a week would feed us like royalty. I don't remember preparing menus. The FisherMan and I would go to the local grocery store (no Walmart then) and hit the meat counter first. After deciding on meats we would decide what side items we might like for the week. It was a happy little trip resulting in a full kitchen.
But the years go by and bring bills, children, and inflation. The grocery bill climbs like all the other bills. Now when I buy groceries I also have a lot more to take into account. Keeping the total money spent is a constant challenge. It can take $40 just to buy household and personal products! Different tastes must be respected. Our household has those that dislike meat all the way to those that would love it at every meal. I have pasta lovers and pasta haters. This one must have salad that one d…