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Showing posts from August 28, 2009

Ready for Boring!

Have you had a monotonous week? Same old, same old? Went to work or school or took care of the children? Did some laundry? Watched a little TV, maybe even a movie?
Rejoice! Take joy in that boring routine because it means life might have been full of sameness but it was LIFE!
Monday was a normal day when I got up. I was still sick but the fever was gone so I pushed and tried to get the necessities done. Went through the chore of getting the bills done, dressing the children and getting them fed, etc. All the things a normal day holds. We had a lot of errands to run so our afternoon was full. The children were cranky which made tired, headache riddled Mama cranky, too.
But all that was out the window when I got the call about The GuitarMan. Since that night my mind has constantly returned to what COULD have happened and didn't because God protected him. I have said thank you over and over.
It was so good to see him yesterday. He is pushing through and staying in school despite how h…