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Showing posts from September 18, 2009

Bad News

Well, we finally got home tonight after being in doctor's offices and the hospital all day. It is official now. The GuitarMan is scheduled for surgery Monday morning. The reason his finger has not healed as well as the other breaks is because the break was much worse than the other doctor first diagnosed. Now he has also had 3 weeks of healing already so that will complicate things. At this point the doctor is not sure how invasive the surgery will be. But it will be involved either way and The GuitarMan will be under general anesthesia. He may also face a second surgery. The rehab is going to very aggressive, even more so than what he has been doing. It's been a very rough day and I am exhausted. We have a housefull of college kids tonight spending the night. I think it is good for The GuitarMan though to help him keep his mind off of everything. I am thankful he has friends who care. Please keep praying. This is going to be a long road.