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Showing posts from October 26, 2009

Halloween and Judgement, Hand in Hand?

Oh, what a pleasant, cool day! We homeschooled outside this morning and the children played. They also enjoyed a nice picnic. I heard from The GuitarMan today and that was a sweet "interruption." He went home with friends this weekend so we didn't get to see him. Next weekend he has plans again. The he leaves the following week to go on tour with the chorale where they will end up in New Orleans. Well, he has it all planned out so we will get the chance to see each other in between all of that. It made this mom happy to know his family is important to him.

Cornbread suddenly wound up with a stuffy nose during the night and still has it. He is sleeping in my lap now. I've been blog-hopping while he rests. Blogger keeps irritating me lately because I'll leave these well thought out great comments (well, I think so anyway, ha!)on people's blogs and then it doesn't go through. Instead I get the page cannot be found thing. Arghh! Then if I try to go back to t…