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Showing posts from March 18, 2009

Green Acres is the Place for Me

Green acres is what our fellowship hall looked like tonight! Everyone came out with their green foods. It was lots of fun. I've never eaten a green hamburger pie! Here is what I took:

Mexican Green Chili
Broccoli Cornbread
Pistachio Salad (also known as Watergate Salad)
Homemade Truffles

For the little ones:

Green Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
Green Grapes
Green Sprite

Friendly Surprises

What a wonderful day it was! The weather was just beautiful so the children were able to get outside to run and play. FlowerChild had a soccer game this afternoon and we had some surprise visitors! Remember I said that The GuitarMan came home the other weekend from the beach and hoped to spend that Sunday with his "sister"? She is one of his best friends from highschool and now they are about 7 hours from each other. Well, as it turned out she did not come and we all thought she had gone back to school. But she had been at the beach herself since Friday! He left the beach to come back and see her, she was at the beach the whole time and just came back! All that texting and cell phone usage you would think they could keep up with each other a little better! Anyway it was such a nice surprise when she showed up with her brother (the real one, not The GuitarMan!)and we got to spend some time with them. The little ones were so tickled and FlowerChild could not keep the smile fro…