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Showing posts from January 20, 2010

Busy Day and Observations

This week was thrown off a bit, due to the holiday Monday. To make matters worse, I completely forgot that Monday even was a holiday! So my day was really thrown off when I saw that empty bank parking lot and realized it! lol
This meant that banking and shopping was pushed to Tuesday. However we also needed to make a trip to Financial Aid at my son's college. This made for a busy day! But it was a good visit and the children really enjoyed it. They adore their brother and his circle of friends always manages to make them the center of attention. Yesterday when brother thought we had left, he was surprised to walk out of his dorm room and see us still there. The children had been playing with his friends and having such fun that we had not managed to leave yet, despite our previous goodbyes to him. Hide and Seek, I Spy, Story Rounds, playing in the dirt, tag....that crew managed to squeeze in a lot of fun!
However it wasn't just the children that caused a delay. At one point I…